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Additionality in Agricultural Offset Protocols
Brazil Update and Future Plans
C-AGG Draft Response to USDA GHG Quantification Report: Science-Based Methods for Entity-Scale Quant
C-AGG Meeting
C-AGG November Meeting, 2013
C-AGG Overview
C-AGG Overview
C-AGG Overview, Background, and Meeting Objectives
C-AGG Recommendations to CA ARB on Aggregation & Verification for Ag Offsets; and Rice Protocol Upda
Capturing Uncertainty in GHG Empirical and Biogeochemical Process Models: A Path Forward for Ag Offs
Identifying Core Data Needs For Agricultural GHG Measurement
Welcome & Introduction
Welcome & Introductions
Welcome & Introductions
Welcome & Introductions
Welcome & Introductions
Welcome & Introductions
Welcome and Introductions: C-AGG Overview and Background, Meeting Objectives
Welcome, Background and Objectives

White Papers & Summaries

2011 CIG Project Lessons Learned
Additionality in Agricultural Offset Protocols
C-AGG & IETA Comments on ARB Rice Cultivation Offset Protocol: Proposed 15-Day Modifications
C-AGG Comments on ACR Fertilizer Management Methodology Update
C-AGG Comments on ARB Informal Discussion Draft of the Rice Cultivation Protocol Dated 06/20/2014
C-AGG Comments on ARB’s Short Lived Climate Pollutants Concept Paper
C-AGG Comments on CARB’s 10/28/2014 Draft of the Rice Cultivation Offset Protocol
C-AGG Comments on EPA’s Proposed Clean Power Rule
C-AGG Comments on Science Based Methods for GHG Quantification from Agriculture 11-11-2013
C-AGG Comments on USDA Access to Publically Funded Research 1-4-16
C-AGG Final Comments ARB SLCP Draft Strategy 10-30-15
Comments on Proposed Guidance from CEQ on Considering Climate Change in NEPA Reviews
Comments on UNFCCC Agriculture Methodology Development Process
Draft Proposed Amendments to the CA Cap-and-Trade Program Regulation
Executive Summary:  Uncertainty in Models and Agricultural Offset Protocols
Post-Cancun/COP16 Perspectives on Agricultural Issues within the UNFCCC
Recommendations for Policy Makers on Managing Uncertainty in Models & Agricultural Offset Protocols
Workgroup Status Update

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