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This 6-minute video looks at some of the ways USDA is helping farmers, ranchers and forest landowners mitigate and adapt to climate change.
Date: June 05 2013

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Bringing Greenhouse Gas Benefits to Market: Nutrient Management for Nitrous Oxide Reductions

Delta N2O Credits

Project Timeline: 8/1/2011 - 7/31/2014

Project Summary

This CIG seeks to scale implementation of nutrient management practices using N2O emission reduction credits, and evaluate different methods of quantification that support marketing of on-farm improvements.

Successes & Challenges

The Delta project team has achieved several successes through this CIG. Most notably we have:


The outcome of the CIG is the establishment of Delta’s Nitrogen Credit Program, and ongoing initiative that enables farmers to generate credits and earn revenue for their on-farm nutrient management practices. 

For complete and up-to-date information about Delta’s Nitrogen Credit Program, please visit us at

Next Steps

Delta is actively working to engage Midwestern farmers in this initiative to create a robust competitive marketplace that supports environmental benefits to soil, air, and water.


I wanted an accurate picture of what was happening on my farm, and now we’ve got good scientific data established. It’s been a good learning experience. I’ve committed one of my fields to this project, and I want to be part of the program for a while.
Myron Ortner, Michigan Farmer enrolled in NCP

The completion of this NRCS Conservation Innovation Grant demonstrates an opportunity to get more conservation on our nation's landscape. The environmental marketplace recognizes the value of ecosystem services provided by our nation's farms, ranches and forested lands. Partners like the Delta Institute and the Climate Trust work with USDA to help producers cope with climate change challenges and meet conservation goals by compensating those who are voluntarily reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
NRCS Chief Jason Weller

The agriculture sector is a major area of focus for The Climate Trust because of its potential to achieve large-scale greenhouse gas emission reductions. By working hand-in-hand with Delta Institute through their innovative Nitrogen Credit Program, we will be able to directly connect the agriculture industry with offset markets—providing a new source of income for farmers, and tapping into the huge potential of this sector.
Sean Penrith, Executive Director for The Climate Trust


Project Partners

  • Jimmy Daukas & Ann Sorensen
    American Farmland Trust
  • Eliav Bitan
    Independent consultant
  • Karen Scanlon & Chad Watts
    Conservation Technology Information Center
  • Bill Salas & Changsheng Li
    DNDC Applications, Research & Training
  • Stacy Hansen
    Oklahoma Conservation Commission
  • Jason Warren & Brian Arnall
  • Ricardo Bayon
    EKO Asset Management Partners

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